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Loving Through Listening

Let me tell you a true story. Two thousand years ago, Paul and his cohorts arrived in Ephesus and the power of the Spirit worked through Paul and his friends causing many to turn to the Way in that bustling metropolis. But all of the good citizens of Ephesus were not "locked-arms" and singing "Amazing Grace." Some were quite perturbed by the religious shake-up taking plac...

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Stay Here Just a Little While Longer

If you are a nominally keen observer, you could take a look at my house right now and draw some pretty fair conclusions about me. With a discerning eye, you would see a pile of children's garments that have been washed, dried and folded but just didn't make it to the drawer or closet in which they reside. You would see a fence that is ninety-percent complete but with two p...

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Kingdom Values – Class Is in Session

To say I have had more opportunities to spend time with my children during our shelter in place order would be a bit of an understatement. My wife, Jess, and I feel like a bowl that is holding one of those old school giant ice cream sundaesour kids are constantly on top of us and while they are sweet, they are also messy and constantly on the brink of a melt down! The joys...

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A Lesson from the Desert

I've mentioned recently in a daily devotion video that my wife, Jess has decided to read the entire bible and is doing so using the help of Bible Project videos in the ReadScripture app and a podcast called The Bible Recap. If you have always wanted to read the bible in its entirety but the task seemed daunting, perhaps these resources could help you too. She has plowed t...

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Grace in the Midst of a "New Normal"

It is Sunday at 12:30 pmJust thirty minutes after our second Sunday of worshipping virtually with our church as a result of the COVID-19 gathering protocols and safety measures. The dust is settling, and I am scratching my head wondering "what just happened?" My blood pressure feels high and my head is ringing from the sound of toddlers screaming "I don't like church, I w...

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