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Pastor's Devotional Video - December 16, 2020

Pastor Jeff reminds us that just as promised in the old testament, Jesus, Our Savior, came to rescue us and to give us hope! Isaiah 39:5-8 Isaiah 40:1-11 John 1:14...

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Comfort for An Unknown Tomorrow

In just a few weeks one of the most tumultuous years that any of us has ever known will be coming to an end. When I think about this year, the thing that stands out in my mind the most is those early days in March waking up each day and wondering just how much of what I thought was certain will have changed since I went to sleep.The lives that we are living now, the conver...

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Drink Deeply and Find Refreshment

It's hard to believe that what we hoped in March would be a 2-4 week interruption to our lives is still our daily reality. And as this situation with the Coronavirus has continued many of us are beginning to feel, or already have been feeling, a deep spiritual weariness.There are days when I'm getting out of the bed and I say to myself "Once more unto the breach." Right no...

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