Update From The Session

At the beginning of this year, the Session held a Saturday retreat to discuss strategic planning and a path forward for Westminster following the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was determined to focus on two central roles of the church, as taught by Randy Pope of Perimeter Church PCA in Atlanta, GA – “Safe Home” and “Effective Mission”. A church is a safe home when the people of God are cared for and equipped to serve. A church is an effective mission when it’s committed to reaching the lost. In this model, a church must be equally committed to the task of home as it is to the task of mission.

The Session feels that uniting around the Safe Home-Effective Mission model will allow Westminster to thrive as a body of believers that exists to help people find hope, freedom, and purpose in Jesus. For the remainder of the year, the Session will be meeting as six working teams to focus on particular aspects of the Safe Home-Effective Mission model. These teams will develop specific strategies to lead our church toward adopting this model. Here is the breakdown of our teams:

  1. Shepherding Working Team
  2. Discipleship Working Team
  3. Safeguarding our Membership Working Team
  4. Outward-Facing Culture Working Team
  5. Community Mercy Ministry Working Team
  6. Pro-Life Working Team

The Shepherding Team is tasked with deciding what approach we should take in shepherding, determining what that approach should include, and identifying training for the leaders of Discipleship classes and life groups that will enhance their shepherding.

The Discipleship Team is tasked with developing a plan to nurture a discipleship culture within the session that encourages personal growth, enthusiasm to disciple others, and eagerness to evangelize.

The Safeguarding our Membership Team is tasked with reviewing the PCA Report on Domestic Abuse and Sexual assault and purposing any additional practices or policies that should be in place to protect our members.

The Outward-Facing Culture Team is tasked with developing a plan that moves our existing ministries in a more outward direction and training our members in gospel neighboring.

The Community Mercy Ministry Team is tasked with coming up with a plan to help our members better support The Life House Women’s Shelter, Bright Hope Refugee Ministry, and Catawba Terrace Care Center and training our members for mercy ministry.

The Pro-Life Team is tasked with planning how to support our members who have been affected by abortion, planning ways to minister to women in crisis both in the church and our community, and determining how to better support ministries in our community that seek to prevent abortion.

Please pray for wisdom, discernment, and creativity for the elders as they meet together and discuss what’s next for Westminster.

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