Sunday Morning Adult Discipleship

Our Sunday morning discipleship time happens on our campus at 10am. Whether you choose to join an elective or a discipleship group we hope that you'll find a welcoming environment that is a safe place for you learn more about our Christian faith, God's word and God's people.


Our electives are typically 6-8 consecutive Sundays and are topical in nature. Electives are taught by WPC pastors, staff or elders and are often interactive with opportunities for group discussion.

Winter 2023 Electives (Jan. 15 - Feb. 27): 


This elective will be intergeneration-ally led by Wanda Lee, Donna Noonan, Bo Webb, and Courtney Denton. It is a round table discussion elective that will provide and opportunity to connect with other women and to grow in the study of God's Word.

Parenting Teens

Join us in a seven-week discussion as we look realistically at the cultural landscape our teens face and consider how to navigate it alongside them. This course will begin a Biblical approach to social media, sexuality, mental health, body image, parental conflict, and more. We won't answer every question parents face, but will equip parents with relational awareness, connect teen parents with other parents, and engage Biblically robust resources.


Discipleship Groups

Sunday morning discipleship groups are where you can study God's word and grow by his spirit together with others. Some groups are intergenerational, while others are organized by age and stage of life. Regardless you can expect to enjoy times of fellowship and prayer.

All Adult Groups


Young Professionals (20s-30s single or married)


The Foundation (30s-50s with young children)
  • Studying: Gospel of John
  • Location: Hall Room 104
  • Contact: Steve Kane


Covenant Keepers (30s-50s with children)
  • Studying: Gospel of John
  • Location: Hall Room 130
  • Contact: Tom Stanford


Legacy Builders (40s-60s single & married)
  • Studying: Attributes of God
  • Location: Hall Room 105
  • Contact: Richard Gregory


Ephesians 4 (50s-70s married)
  • Studying: Heidelburg Catechism
  • Location: Hall Room 108
  • Contact: Charles Cranford


Acts 2:42 (50s-70s single & married)
  • Studying: Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund
  • Location: Hall Room 109
  • Contact: Kirk Brandt


Covenant (60s-70s single & married)
  • Studying: Who is the Holy Spirit? - Dr. Sinclair Ferguson
  • Location: Hall Parlor
  • Contact: Rusty Darby


Seekers (65 & up single & married)
  • Studying: Hope - A Biblical Perspective
  • Location: Hall Section C
  • Contact: Bill Neely


Manning Biggers (65 & up single & married)
  • Studying: Books of Samuel and 1 Peter
  • Location: Sanctuary Parlor
  • Contact: Tommy Miller