The Lord has been so good and merciful to our Bright Hope Refugee Ministry this past year. It’s amazing to think that our families will have been with us for over year already. Each family is making great advances in many areas towards self-sufficiency. The children are advancing in their education and benefiting greatly from our tutoring program. Both parents and children have made tremendous strides in their English-language acquisition and cultural awareness.

This progress has been undergirded by over 100 volunteers and church staff serving selflessly and as teams. We cannot say thank you enough for everyone who is helping our families. We still have many opportunities for you to get connected with our Bright Hope Afghan families.

Tutoring Program 

Our tutoring program was a big success last year. We have our own "Bright Hope Nook" in the basement of the Sanctuary building that is well equipped for tutoring. We would like to have each child paired with two tutors who work together as a team. Tutors are only needed for one hour a week. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please contact Wanda Lee at or 717.645.7424.


Bright Buddies

One area we have struggled with is connecting the children with other children and families in our church. We are still seeking Bright Buddies for each of our children. A Bright Buddy is a family that would be willing to invite some Afghan children to outings with their family. You could include our refugee children in a trip for ice cream, birthday party, playground time, etc. If you can help with any of these needs, please contact Christi Triplett at or 912.257.6461.


Transportation Needs

We have two beautiful and bright minded 3 year olds attending Oakland Baptist Preschool this year. Preschool is a great opportunity for these children to be immersed in a Christian environment for their education. We need drivers to help with preschool drop off and pick up. Drop off is 8:40 am and pick up is 12 pm. Please reach out to Christi Triplett at or 912.257.6461 if you would like to help these little ones get to and from school one or two days a week.


Exciting Opportunity For Our Moms

Two of our moms have started a professional sewing class in Charlotte every Monday from 10 am to 12 pm. As part of the program, their toddlers also attend a connected play school at the same time. This is an amazing opportunity for our moms and their toddlers.

To help, we need ladies to drive them to class, hang out in Charlotte, and drive them home. Even if you can just help with one morning every other month, it will be a tremendous help. Please reach out to Judy Honeycutt at or 256.880.7051.

Since beginning this effort, we have been so blessed with generous gifts to help fund our ministry efforts. If you would like to contribute to the Bright Hope fund to help us to continue to bless our refugee families, you can give online or bring a check to the church office.

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Bright Hope Coordinators - Christi, Bob, and Judy