Vision Meeting Recap

You may or may not remember that in 2019, we introduced a new strategic plan that included a new mission statement, core values, and strategy. We are excited to continue this plan through new efforts to enhance discipleship and shepherding. Our strategic plan also identified the need to update our campus to better fit our current ministries. We shared the beginnings of our plans for that update as well as the new efforts in discipleship and shepherding during yesterday's Vision Meeting.

Over the last year, our staff has been working to launch adult discipleship in a new way that will promote growth and connection. We will be refocusing on and recommitting to the biblical discipleship principles that have been the foundation for our small group ministries from the beginning. What that looks like practically is that what was previously our men’s SALT ministry and women’s Bible studies will be aligning to create small gender-specific discipleship groups that will study the same biblical topic. Our new study will challenge people to go deeper in the study of God’s Word within the context of authentic and vulnerable community. We want to ramp up our efforts to make disciples as Christ instructed us to do.

We heard from one of our elders about the new shepherding efforts underway. Shepherding is all about caring for God’s people and it’s something our Session wants to strengthen efforts in to ensure they reach everyone in our congregation. Over the next year, our elders want to implement a relationship-based, household-focused approach to shepherding our congregation. Each member will be assigned to an elder for care and shepherding. That elder will be responsible for communicating with you quarterly in whatever manner is most comfortable for you. They will also host an annual gathering of all members under their care, so you have an opportunity to build more community within our congregation. And finally, they will be consistently available so that they may build a relationship with you, pray for you, and become a lifeline to you.

Lastly, we looked at the initial plans to update our church campus. Our church campus has not been updated in a long time and we need to make some changes to help it better fit our current needs. We have a master planning committee looking to enhance the worship and fellowship experience and identify opportunities to invest in youth facilities. The proposed plans start with giving our Sanctuary building an updated exterior to attract people to the Sanctuary instead of the Administration building. Within the Sanctuary building, we would utilize existing space to create a large reception space for people to comfortably socialize before and after our services. We would also renovate the bathrooms in the Sanctuary building, add an elevator, and modify the stage and pulpit. To invest in youth facilities, we would create an addition to the Multipurpose building specifically designed to meet the needs of our youth ministry.

These proposed plans to improve our church campus are nowhere near final. We are creating multiple committees including a steering committee to work out the details of finalized plans, timing, cost, and finite details like color scheme and furniture. Stay tuned for more exciting updates about our church campus.